Make Money Online without Investment

Are you looking to make money online without investment?

Well, as per in 2008, nearly 2.6 million US workers lost their main job in the recession.

As per the latest report, 2019 is going to face a bigger recession than 2008, and more than 20million people will lose job worldwide.

Are you ready to face the recession?

Well, it doesn’t matter, what job you are doing or what age you are in, we should always prepare for the uncertainty which is coming ahead.

For this very reason, we have summarized 34 ways to earn money online without investment to sail any bad patch when it occurs.

Who can get help using Make Money online Methods?

These people can get help using make money online methods,

  • Students
  • Housewife
  • Retired persons
  • People getting lower wages
  • People who can spend one to two hours online daily
  • Unemployed people
  • Nurses
  • Technical knowledge people
  • Non-Technical knowledge people
  • Factory workers
  • Govt Employees
  • Bank Employees
  • Teachers
  • People who are a handicap
  • Soldiers and many more

How we have categories Make Money Online Methods for peoples?

We have categorized make money online methods according to age, technical knowledge, experience, Time which people can spend daily and Fields of expertise.

Choose Your Category

Categories of making money online without investment methods

  1. Make Money Online for Students
  2. Make Money Online for Undergraduate
  3. Make Money Online for Graduate
  4. Make Money Online for Housewife
  5. Make Money Online for Teachers
  6. Make Money Online for Technical knowledge
  7. Make Money Online for Non-technical Knowledge
  8. Make Money Online for People who can spend one to two hours online
  9. Make Money online for people who have a Smartphone
  10. Make Money Online for People who have PC
  11. Make Money Online for Factory Workers
  12. Make Money Online for Bank employees
  13. make money online for people who are a handicap

Make Money Online without spending any money

Let’s face it, working in any field requires, attention, skill, hardworking, and last not the least listing to your boss (patience). If you are looking to Quit your job and start earning online, then it needs a lot of experience and hard work.

What we suggest is to start working on all the methods given here and choose which is best suited for you to sustain your monthly expenses.

Making money online, don’t mean that you will hit a Golden Button, and money will keep rolling to your lap. If that seems to be true, then, why thousands of people are working offline.

But it certainly means that you properly employ the method, you can attend your financial freedom.

Statutory Warning: Please do not leave your present Job or employment for any online overnight rich scheme. You should implement all these methods taking it as part-time, if you get success in these methods, then you can think for Job Quitting.

Ways to Make Money Online

We have categories of ways to make money online according to many factors, but you can check all the methods and decide yourself, which is better for you.

We have written methods only one time, but you can refer then and check it in brief in another category to understand them properly.

34 ways to earn money online without investment

earn money online without investment

1.Make Money Online for Students

With the onslaught of information era, one of the first people who seek knowledge about earning in Students.

We welcome your initiative to work from home and earn money for your school fees and other expenses.

Students can use all these methods to earn money online without spending money.

We assume your age as under 18, so there are only three option presents for you

  • Data Entry Job
  • Micro-worker Job
  • Captcha Solver Job

(a) Data Entry Job

Data entry job is for all those people who have computer knowledge and has a PC at home.

You need to type fast and Enter the data given by the company in stipulated time.

Data entry job doesn’t need any work experience, and you should have some basic knowledge of English, and typing Skill is mandatory.

You can earn part-time from these Data entry websites as much as $10 dollar per day.

Some of the best Data entry websites where you can register and start earning are

  • Sigtrack
  • Clickworker
  • The Smart Crowd

Tips: data entry job can be done by all unskilled person who knows how to type.

(b) Micro-worker Job

Micro-worker job is termed as those jobs which involve small task in these websites. You can register free and check all the small task which can be performed on these websites.

For every task, you will be given some incentives, when these incentives will accumulate, you can withdraw that money.

Some of the micro works which you need to perform in these websites are given below

  • Clicking on ads and staying on the page for some time
  • Clicking on an affiliate link and filling your email in them
  • Viewing a video and commenting in the comment box
  • Filling out different forms and putting emails in them
  • Filling out a small survey

You can join Amazon Mechanical Turk for these purposes and earn money.

(c) Captcha Solver Job

Do you want to earn more than $100 to $200 per month, then you should join Captcha solver Job?

Captcha Solver job is now the hot trending job among youngsters where you need good typing speed to solve the Captcha challenge given by some website.

A requirement for Captcha solver job

  • Hight speed internet (mandatory)
  • Fast typing speed
  • Good Eyesight (if you have poor eyesight, do not join these)

Typically, you need to fill up the captcha challenge in the stipulated time, or you will be kicked out from the server.

You will get $1 for correct solving of 1000 Captcha in these websites.

Some of the best Captcha Solver websites which you can join free are given below

  • Kolotibablo
  • MegaTypers
  • CaptchaTypes
  • Captcha2Cash
  • ProTypers
  • 2Captcha

Tip: Join these Captcha solver websites and earn $100 to $200 per month.

2.Make Money Online for Undergraduate

Apart from doing all the jobs of Students, you can also join these methods to earn part-time money.

  • Earn money by Micro-working
  • Make Gig in Fiverr and SeoClerk
  • Earn Money as Food delivery by joining online jobs like Zomato

(a) Earn Money by Micro-working

As stated earlier Micro-working involve various task which you can perform and earn money.

You have to do a small job to earn little money, which can be later withdrawn when it gets accumulated.

Apart from Amazon Turk micro-working, there are many other online websites which only allow people over 18 years of age.

  • MicroWorker
  • ClickWorker
  • GigWalk

(b) Make Gig in Fiverr and SeoClerk

One of the best places to earn for small services is Fiverr and SeoClerk. In this portal, you need to make small Gig or work for which people will pay you $5.

Like in Fiverr, you make gig of printing flyers and distributing them in your hometown.

People will send you the design, and you need to print them and distribute them standing in some crowded place.

These best parts of these gigs are, you can make plenty of gig without any restriction.

Just browser all the section of Fiverr and SeoClerk and check how easy to earn money with little work.

(c) Earn Money as Food delivery by joining online jobs like UberEATS  

If you did not find any job after doing your higher secondary degree, then you can check out the food delivery job.

In many parts of the third world, this is now becoming the main livelihood of people.

The requirement of this method

  • Smartphone with good internet speed
  • Bike or Scooter to carry the food parcel
  • You should be above 18 years to join the food delivery boy
  • You should have at least some knowledge of English (delivery and address are always in English)
  • There are many online food parcel services; you can join
    • UberEATS
    • Zomato
    • Food Panda
    • Swiggy
    • Faasos
    • InnerChef

3.Make Money Online for Graduate

Apart from all the jobs of students and undergraduate, you can also use these methods to earn money online, if you are Graduate.

  • Earn money by Content Writing
  • Earn Money by Virtual Assistance
  • Translation Job

(a) Earn money by Content Writing

If you are good at writing, then opt for this method and earn huge. Presently this is the hottest job, where everyone needs a good content writer for website and blog.

People have started making $ 500 per week using content writing. Content writer is paid according to 1000 words which are nearly $10 to $50 dollar, depending on the quality.

So, if you have talent and gift of words, then pay attention to this method, join content writing website and earn huge.

Some of the content writing website, where you can earn money

  • Contena
  • Blasting News
  • Listverse
  • FreelancerCareers
  • HubPages
  • The Dollar Stretcher
  • InstantShift
  • Metro Parent

(b) Earn Money by Virtual Assistance

If you are confident enough of providing online services, you can join as Virtual Assistant.

In virtual Assistant, you need to perform which client has told you to do.

many times, it may be filling out forms, make a new account or comment from different social media account.

Joining Virtual Assistance also requires some skill sets, if you don’t have any, then you can start that without any shame.

Some of the finest companies which accept novice as well as a professional worker are given below

  • HireMyMom
  • MyTasker
  • Zirtual
  • uAssistMe
  • 123Employee

(c) Translation Job

Can you write a transcript for any language?

In a translation job, you need to listen to audio or video and write it down in another language without any grammar mistake.

This is a very specialized job and needs great patience and concentration along with mastery over any other language.

You need to correctly understand the sentence and should write down in another language without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Join these transcribe website for earning

  • Gotranscript
  • TranscribeMe
  • 3PlayMedia
  • Net transcripts

4.Make Money Online for Housewife

Make Money Online for Housewife


As a housewife, you can perform many online tasks which will help you in earning.

(a)Join Online GPT website

The first place where you can join free and start earning money is GPT website.

GPT (get paid to) website are created to give the opportunity to people to perform a small task and earn points.

In this method, you need to perform a daily small task for which points will be awarded to you, and when these points get accumulated will be transferred to money.

List of items which you need to perform in these GPT websites are

  • Completing a small free survey
  • Completing a big survey for which you need to enter credit card details
  • Watching video ads
  • Installing different software from these GPT websites
  • Installing and playing games from these websites
  • Filling the email and sending them to a different address
  • Clicking ads and staying on the page for a few minutes
  • Collecting points that can later be added and given as money.

Some of the best GPT websites are as follows

  • Swagbucks
  • PrizeRebel
  • Bing Rewards
  • ClixSense
  • Ebates

(b)Join Survey website to earn money

Like GPT website, you can join the Survey website, which given money when you complete any survey.

Only one thing which is different between GPT website and Survey website is the type of jobs which you need to complete in these websites.

In survey websites, you will be given hundreds of different surveys which you need to complete, for this you will be given direct money.

Not like GPT website, where points are awarded for the completion of a task, which later can be redeemed into money.

Join these survey websites for a fee and earn money.

  • Toluna
  • Harris Poll
  • MySurvey
  • Inbox Dollar
  • Vindale Research

(c)Check babysitting job in Online portals

You can earn good money if you can do a babysitting job for a few hours.

In many countries, this problem seems to arise where both mother and father are working.

They need babysitting for their children while they are away in the job.

You can check these types of job and earn some good money while taking care of the baby.

Check the local online portal for these type of jobs

  • Craigslist
  • OLX
  • Gumtree


Hottest job after the content writer is proofreader, the one who checks for the grammatical mistake and give new meaning to the sentence.

If you have an eye for finding grammar mistake within a second, then this job is for you.

A proofreader is paid higher than a content writer, as they are the final authority who checks for any error and implement correction without any mistake.

Join as Proofreader in up worker and earn huge.

5.Make Money Online for Teachers

Money Online for Teachers


If you are an English teacher or any other language teacher, then you can make more than $25 online.

You need to teach online to students range from four to 18 years, depending on your skillset you will be paid.

The requirement of this method

  • A Stable and high-speed internet
  • A good webcam
  • Headset with Microphone is mandatory
  • Degree in English or some teaching experience
  • Degree in other langue and some teaching experience in that language
  • Local dialect (like English is spoken in England is different from the USA and Australia)
  • PayPal or any other international wallet to receive money into your account

Join these teaching websites and make money online free

  • Palfish
  • SayABC
  • Qkids
  • Cambly
  • DaDaABC
  • GogoKid
  • NiceTalk
  • SameSpeak

6.Make Money Online for Technical knowledge

So, if you have some knowledge of website making or some coding of HTML, you can choose these online jobs to get money.

  • Earn money by Blogging
  • Earn money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Earn money with Freelancer
  • Earn Money by Making Video
  • Earn money from website Flipping
  • Earn money by training & Consultancy
  • Website Testing Job
  • Medical Transcription Job
  • Graphis Designer
  • Create a course and sell online

(a)Earn money by blogging

Blogging is now becoming one of the best methods to earn part-time money if you are lucky; you can make it a full-time job.

Blogging means writing about anything you like or feel or think; this can be helpful to others.

You can write a variety of items,

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Technical reviews
  • SEO
  • Personal product reviews
  • Software reviews
  • Pets and pets review
  • Children and their product review

The possibility is endless, and you can write anything and everything and earn from that using Google AdSense and ads.

(b) Earn money with Affiliate Marketing

If you can make a website and write a review of any product, then you can earn money using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is done using an affiliate link from big online Portals and selling their products using your affiliate links and getting a commission.

When people read reviews on your website and click on the product, they will be guided to the main portal with the same product.

But as they came through your website using your affiliate link, you will be paid some commission.

You can expect a commission from 4% to 20% depending on the product price and county.

Join these online portals free and start getting a commission

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

(c) Earn money with Freelancer

Freelancer is those people who provide services to companies for blogging, affiliate marking, technical support, or some tech modules.

Freelancer works from home and works for a temporary basis; they are hired for a job basis or achieving some targets.

Depending on your skill sets and your domain, you can earn more than $2000 to $4000.

You can also join many freelancer online portals and get register free to start earning money.

Some of the best freelance websites are as follows

  • UpWork
  • WorkNHire

(d) Earn Money by Making Video

Do you know how to make a video?

Well, if you are familiar to make a good video, then this job is for you.

Make Video and upload them to YouTube and earn huge money by Google AdSense.

There are many websites like YouTube, which are now providing huge rewards for viewing.

You can make YouTube channel of Prank video or viral video or Recipes and earn huge.

You can collect video around the world and check for Creative common license and can use them in your YouTube channel.

(e)Earn money from website Flipping

Website flipping is the new buzz word which you might be hearing nowadays. In this, you need to find a good website with traffic and then sell it on another domain selling website.

In this way, you are doing website Flipping, which means you are buying at a cheap rate and selling it for a high rate.

A requirement of this method

  • An account in a different auction website
  • Need a knowledge of good website
  • Need Little knowledge of toxic links and spam content
  • Need to know, how to check for plagiarism
  • Bidding strategy
  • The escrow or PayPal account

Check for the cheap website on Flippa and sell them on EmpireFlippers.

(f)Earn money by training & Consultancy

If you have good technical knowledge about any programing language or normal language, you can use this method to earn money.

There are many online websites which need good spoken English tutors. You can join them and start earning money.

Apart from that, there are many online training programs where you can give your computer programing language services and earn good money.

Check out for the technical course which requires good programing language tutor and apply to it.

(g)Website Testing Job

If you are good at programming in HTML or PHP, then you can check for website testing job.

In this, you need to check for many factors, including

  • Website accessibility
  • Website security
  • Website vulnerability
  • Website user experience
  • Website on-page SEO
  • Website 404 pages

You can join these online websites to earn


(h)Medical Transcription Job

These are for those people who have done Medical Transcription course and did not find a good job yet.

You can find many online portals which allow working in Medical Transcription as a freelancer.

If you are confident enough, then make a change and look out for jobs in Wipro and other major medical Transcription job provider.

In Medical Transaction job, it is better to join offline as you will get more money, but if you did not find any job in your area then try online.

(i)Graphis Designer

If you have good knowledge of Adobe Creative, Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign or any other graphic designer tool.

Then you can earn huge with royalties, join 99designs type website, and start selling your creativity.

You can join these websites for showcasing your creativity

  • 99designs
  • Crowdspring
  • Designcrowd
  • Skillshare

You can earn $25 to $300 per hour, depending on your design and your creativity.

(j)Create a course and sell online

Do you know how to teach any topic?

If yes, then why not make it big and create a course and earn huge money.

Join Skillshare, where there are thousands of people want to learn new things.

Join there and make a course in which you are confident and earn big with royalties.

Some of the online teaching websites are as follows

  • Skillshare
  • Teachable
  • Udemy

A requirement of this method

  • Good Video Camera
  • Good Voice recorder
  • Need some presentation on PowerPoint
  • Whiteboard and marker

7.Make Money Online for Non-technical Knowledge

(a)Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping means bringing products from another country (especially China) and selling them in huge profits.

You can start doing drop shipping by two methods

  • Bringing the product into your warehouse then start selling
  • Directly putting the address of buying and sending the product form china to the delivery address

Mostly the first method, people use to sell product of drop shipping.

As if you employ the second method, it will take more than 45 days to reach a product from China to USA address.

So, for if you employ the first method, you can send items to the client within 03 to 05 days within the USA.

(b)Start doing online selling

Online selling involves the same principle of drop shipping, but with some twist, here the product is from locally manufactures.

You can sell them in two ways

(i)Make your own website and start selling the product

(ii) make the product available in Amazon or eBay or Flipkart and earn commission

You can use any of the strategies to promote the product.

(c)Start Doing Domain Trading

Domain Trading: Purchasing Domain name at a lower price and sell that for a high price is called domain trading.

In this, you should have some knowledge of domain name, and you should which domain names fetch more money.

You can purchase a domain name with three-letter and sell them for a good price.

Domain trading can be done from home and need little investment and patience.

Buy a domain from GoDaddy for as little as $5 and sell them for more than $500 dollar.

For selling, you need to put it in

 (d) Earn money by Forex Trading

You can earn money from Forex Trading with little investment.

Before you plunge into the forex trading, get some knowledge about the signals and how different charts perform during trading hours.

You should also check free course available online for studying technical charts of forex trading.

Regularly check CNBC and other TV channels to get a fair idea on how these markets are behaving before entering the Forex trading.

8.Make Money Online for People who can spend one to two hours online

You can join GPT website and GPT mobile apps apart from the survey website to earn free.

You need to complete daily task in GPT website and Survey website, which will give you daily bonus and points.

Check above all the GPT website and Survey website, what task you need to perform in these websites.

9.Make Money online for people who have a Smartphone

make money using Smartphone

(a)Earn money by selling Photos online

Do you have good camera Smartphone?

Well, if you want to earn some quick money, then start shooting with your Smartphone and keep on uploading in Foap and EyeEm.

If selected, you will get royalty and commission when someone buys your pictures.

This is free passive income, which did not involve any kind of expertise, just focus and shoot from your smartphone.

A website where you can upload an image and get paid

  • Foap
  • EyeEM

(b)Join GPT Mobile Apps to earn money

Like GPT website, there are many GPT mobile apps which you can use to earn money.

GPT mobile apps are similar to GPT website; you need to perform a small task for which you will be awarded points.

This point, when accumulated, will be credited as real money.

Some of the GPT Mobile Apps are given below

  • Toluna
  • MyPoints
  • Instar Wallet
  • Juno wallet
  • FeaturePoints

(c)Play games and earn money – MPL

There are many online games which now gives a huge bonus and gift apart from real money.

Participation is free, and you can withdraw money from them with PayPal or PayTm or PhonePay.

Play MPL (Mobile premium league) which is now available on Google Play Store. You can win thousands of dollars if you win any big tournament.

There are daily tournaments which give out a big bonus like physical items

  • Television
  • Fridge
  • Scooter
  • Bike
  • Smartphone

Apart from that, you will also receive cash prizes.

10.Make Money Online for People who have PC

You can do all the above jobs started in a different category, like

  • Earn money by joining GPT website
  • Earn money by taking part in the survey website
  • Earn money by Blogging

11.Make Money Online for Factory Workers

Do you really look for earning money?

Well, if you are working in Factory and need to have some extra cash, then don’t mind doing odd jobs.

There are many jobs which you can do without any qualification

  • Dog walking
  • Handyman services
  • Dog Poop Scooper

Listen, there is no job which is small or big; jobs are mended to do if you are not feeling comfortable to do it, then someone else will do.

(a) Dog Walking

Thousand of rich people has a dog which needs daily waling and quality time spend which they cannot afford.

You can fit into this puzzle and provide very basic service to them, i.e., Dog walking.

For this service, you will be given good money which can help you with your monthly budget.

So, why not join hundreds of people who are already providing services and making good money out of it.

Join Rover and get some cash-out

 (b) Handyman services

If you have little skillset as a handyman, then you can contract local handyman services and offer a part-time job.

These handyman jobs are high in demand nowadays, as people don’t have enough time and patience to rectify even a small problem.

Just chip in and get some knowledge of handyman or join any local service provider for a part-time job.

(c) Dog Poop Scooper

It falls under the dirtiest job and gives out the best price in the market.

But, if you want inspiration, then to look for Mike Rowe, a successful businessman who built a career out of this job.

Just negate all inhibition and join hand to the local pet center and get into Dog Poop Scooper and earn part-time money.

12.Make Money Online for Bank employees

There are many options open for bank employees to earn money online. Some of them are as follows

  • Help small businessman to fill out GST (for India)
  • Join online forums and give financial advice and earn money
  • Make a video and tell how to apply for a loan in different Govt Systems
  • Make Video and show how to get a loan from PM Yojna (India)

13.Make money online for people who are a handicap

Apart from doing all the jobs discuss earlier you can go with these jobs

  • Babysitter
  • Taking care of old age people
  • Taking care of the patient in their home

Check all craigslist or local online portals such as Quicker for these types of jobs and give you valuable services and earn money.

Final words

So, these are the Top 35 ways by which you can make money online without investment.