09 methods to Make Money Online for Undergraduate

Are you looking to make money online for Undergraduate?

Even if you’re an undergraduate, you’ll find plenty of ways to make money online, working a few hours each day at home.

In this article, we’ve compiled several ways that you can use to start making money on the internet.

However, before you begin, know that most of these ventures may take some time to get going before you’re able to reach a point where you will most likely start generating serious cash online.

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let’s start discussing some of the best ways to make money online for undergraduate.

  1. Etsy

Folks who’re good at crafts of any sort must seriously consider Etsy. The site is dedicated to selling handcrafted items online. Etsy does charge a 3.5% fee for each sale you generate; however, it’s way lower as compared to what other similar platforms charge. You keep the rest of the profits.

So, if you have a creative mind, Etsy can do wonders and help you start your own business online. Plus, as you’ll be the one who’s creating crafts, you can easily increase or decrease your inventory based on the requirements of the market.

Selling Your First Product on Etsy:

Since you’ll find a huge number of sellers, a platform like Etsy, it is crucial for you to create your unique identity on the platform.

Start by selecting your username carefully because your username will eventually become the URL of your Etsy shop.

Getting positive feedback from your buyers is equally essential for building your trustworthiness and credibility.

Take adequate time to research what type of products are selling well on Etsy and identify your competitors. Check the prices of the given products.

Review the title and description of other similar products. Do not copy others; there come up with your own unique twist for the title and description of the product.

Provide your potential buyers with enough info about your products, such as their size, material used, and shipping choices.


Take high-quality pictures of your handcrafted items. Etsy website allows you to add up to 5 pictures for each item.

Add suitable tags and list your product in the right category.

Cross-promotion can also work quite well. If you already own a business website, gather information like the name and email of your visitors and establish a steady communication with your website visitors to direct them to your Etsy shop for consistent sales and revenue.


  1. Start creating videos

Are you able to create videos on interesting topics?

If the answer is yes, then start creating them, upload them on YouTube & monetize them using Google AdSense for Videos. This is a completely passive way to start earning online.

Choosing the Right Topic:

When you want to utilize a visual medium such as YouTube, you want to create something with a high probability of going viral on the internet.

How-to topics seem to work quite well when it comes to YouTube, but you may also do commentary on your favorite topics, movie reviews, etc.

Videos that are popular on other social networks like Facebook can also work equally well. Other popular topics include music or entertainment-based videos.


Step by Step: Ranking Your Videos on YouTube:


  1. Make sure you’re using your focus keyword as your file name. You may also utilize Google Hangouts for recording your video, if possible. Make sure you upload it in HD quality.
  2. Add your primary keyword as your video title. Use it 2 times whenever possible.
  3. Add your main keyword in your video description, along with a few LSI keywords. The description should at least contain 200-300 words.
  4. Add the main keyword and other secondary keywords as tags. Don’t overdo your tags.
  5. Add suitable captions containing your main keyword.
  6. Share the uploaded video on popular social networks.
  7. Add backlinks from other popular video sites. Avoid spamming.

After your video starts generating a good amount of traffic, you can apply for Google Adsense and start making passive income online.


  1. Sell high-quality photos on the internet


If you have the talent of capturing excellent pictures, you can easily start generating cash on the internet while pursuing your favorite hobby simultaneously.


Websites such as Shutterstock and iStock let users post their photos for passive income online.

As these are popular photo sources, people tend to search for very specific kinds of photos. In case they happen to purchase one that is captured by you, it’s easily possible to make a few bucks for each photo download.

By creating a healthy portfolio of a few hundred photos that people may be interested in grabbing, you will be able to produce a passive income stream online.

Know what kind of photos you commonly see online, and adapt your hobby to fulfill that requirement.


  1. Use your technical skills to earn cash online


Virtually every blog or website you find online requires technical skills, which may include web development, SEO, video editing, copyrighting, etc.


You can easily market your skills on websites like Upwork (a popular freelancing site) and 99Designs (mostly oriented towards graphic designers).

You may also consider marketing your skills directly to blog and website owners. You could contact these people via email for marketing your services.

This way, you’ll be in a better position to pick a set number of websites that you’re most comfortable partnering with. As there are potentially thousands of such sites all over the internet, the opportunities are basically limitless.


  1. Get Paid as an Online Juror


eJury is another source to make money online for undergraduate. If you enjoy watching different court trials on your television, you can easily turn this interest into something which generates you cash online.


eJury pays people for participating in Jury cases that are on pretrial. This way, attorneys are able to know well beforehand how a jury may view the situation that surrounds a particular case and make the necessary adjustments before an actual trial.


eJury pays anywhere between $5 to $10, depending upon the actual length of your review (typically around 35 min). This may not a huge payday; still, once you start getting multiple cases every week, it may just help you earn a side income.


  1. Make money by reviewing software products


Another way for people interested in the technical field includes reviewing software products on the internet. SoftwareJudge pays members for reviewing the software which they develop. Members are expected to try it out, come up with an in-depth review, and give your viewpoint on the software.


This income source is obviously ideal for individuals who are quite familiar with different kinds of software products in the market who understand the right way to thoroughly evaluate every program. Nonetheless, it can also become among those fields where you may start with a small income and increase your pay rates as you grow your experience further.


  1. Get paid as a search engine evaluator


Companies like Appen Hill, Lionbridge, and Leapforce are only a few of the many that are always searching for people to do search engine evaluation online. As a search engine evaluator, you will be asked to rate various advertisements based on whether they are associated with the provided topic or not. The job may require you to dedicate a good amount of time. When it comes to the pay scale, you can be paid around $12-$13 on an hourly basis.


  1. MTurk


MTurk is a platform where you can get paid by doing micro-projects.

Some of the tasks you can expect from this platform by Amazon include translating a foreign language paragraph into English (or vice versa), offering a short review for an upcoming app, etc.

These are easy to do tasks that don’t take much time, and you can expect a set amount for each task you complete.

As long as you’re able to complete a good number of tasks rapidly, you should have no issues with generating a decent amount of cash on a consistent basis.

This may not be the most glamorous job online. Still, it is worth checking out the platform to see if it can be fit you well.


  1. Used books


This is one of the best-proven ways to make money online for undergraduate for sure! You can easily find used second-hand books somewhere inside your house. BookScouter is a website that pays you for selling your used books online.


BookScouter has partnered with numerous companies who buy back books on various topics.

After adding the ISBN number, the site will instantly connect you with a potential buyer who is likely to pay you the most for your book.

Next, you will need to send this book to the website using a prepaid envelope. You will receive your payment after a couple of days from the site.

People who know how to locate valuable books that are in good shape can turn this skill into a lucrative side business.



So, these are the 09 methods to make money online for an undergraduate without leaving his/her house.

The number of options you have in the current technological world is basically endless.

In fact, you may even consider taking more than a single job at a time provided you are able to deliver the work on time without comprising on the quality.

A few of the above ideas may already be a part of your daily routine.

Now that you understand that there are individuals out there who are ready to pay you cash for stuff you already do; you should have no trouble in taking your first step to making money online.

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